Our Services

Data and Data Analytics

Data and data analytics have become critical to the current and future performance of most businesses globally. WCJ consulting can assist insurers, providers and governments take raw data and turn this into critical insights to support future strategies. With extensive experience in analysing and using data, WCJ consulting can provide customised support to our clients, whether that be directly supporting existing resources, undertaking the analytics on your behalf or working with you to enhance current capabilities across both people and technology platforms.

Network Design and Provider Management

With over 20 years' experience in designing networks and interacting with service providers, WCJ consulting has the expertise to both help you design solutions that will enhance customer experiences whilst ensuring any solution remains cost effective. Critical to any new solution is stakeholder engagement, something we have extensive experience in. WCJ Consultants can help clients implement any new network or provider strategy whilst also managing the daily interactions with health professionals during the initial launch phase ensuring successful implementation of your strategy.

Payment Integrity

Across all countries globally medical leakage as it relates to health claims ranges between 5%-12% depending on the market and maturity of the sector. Given the scale of health care spend in most markets these percentages translate into many millions of dollars every year that could be better utilised. WCJ consulting can help identify, recover and reduce future leakage by designing a range of strategies aimed at minimising risk for any organisation or insurer. We can help you create an integrated plan that leverages contracting, data analytics and on-site reviews.

Strategic Planning & Business Case Development

Key to all good strategies is excellent execution and planning.

WCJ consulting has the experience to ensure we help you bring your strategies to life. This includes the creation of business case documents and business plans that are supported by a clear and structure implementation plan. Being a data led company all business cases will be supported by industry insights and data that make the process of gaining approval, tracking progress and measuring success easy for all concerned.

WCJ Consulting would welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific needs in more detail.

Services offered:

  • Strategic planning and business case development
  • Healthcare network development & execution
  • Payment Integrity reviews (fraud/over-servicing & leakage)
  • Data Analytics
  • PHI Product design and costing
  • Price and commercial term support
  • Regulator engagement
  • Policy and regulatory support
  • Claims forecasting and growth assumption support
  • Acquisition and business integration
  • Health provision
  • Public policy solutions
  • Recruitment of experienced health staff
  • Top